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Saddle Bags

A classic shape with a modern twist, the ela vegan leather saddlebags reminisce of a country aesthetic with a city girl structure.

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Mini Saddle Bag - Black Pebble with Gold HardwareMini Saddle Bag - Black Pebble with Gold Hardware
Mini Saddle Bag - Denim PebbleMini Saddle Bag - Denim Pebble
Mini Saddle Bag - Grey PebbleMini Saddle Bag - Grey Pebble
Mini Saddle Bag - Sage PebbleMini Saddle Bag - Sage Pebble
Mini Saddle Bag - Walnut PebbleMini Saddle Bag - Walnut Pebble
Saddle Bag - Walnut Pebble (Brick Pebble)Saddle Bag - Walnut Pebble (Brick Pebble)