Black Pebble Belt Strap (L/XL)


Need a longer strap for your Belt Bag in Black Pebble? We've got you covered!

Size: L/XL

Dimensions: Approx. 54' in

Please note: this is the Black Pebble strap only

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Elise Ritchie
New life to older bag!

I have put alot of love into my belt bag and after a lot of use the strap was beginning to wear. I was sad as my bag has my initials painted on it- was so excited to see the offer of a new strap! Brought new life to one of my fav bags!

Christine D.
Great add-on for the belt bag!

I purchased the s/m belt bag and it was just a bit too snug to wear over my puffy winter coat. I am so pleased you sell the bag strap separately as now I can enjoy the bag year-round!

Melissa Burgess
Perfect Length

I got the ela belt bag for christmas and received a small strap and found it didnt sit well over my shoulder.
I ordered the larger one and LOVE it. Its a perfect bag and so nice to have both hands free!

Naomi Siddiqi

I bought the longer strap to go with my ela pouch and I absolutely love it. The strap is easily adjustable and can be worn with every jacket size. It’s the perfect size pouch and goes with everything! Love it!

Cute Bag

The bag is great but had to order an extra strap! Make sure you get the right size! You’ll love it!

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